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Quality Plumbing Services in Decatur, IL

At A1A Plumbing, we strive to build long lasting relationships with our customers, that’s why our company focuses on giving you excellent service at an affordable rate with every job. Our qualified and professional plumbers are knowledgeable in a variety of services ranging from water and gas line repair to sump pump installation and maintenance. For decades, our business has been the top choice for plumbing and renovation services in the Decatur, IL area. You can always rely on our technicians to show up on time and get the job done quickly! If you have any questions on the types of services we offer, call our shop at (217) 423-7112 or continue reading!

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Water Line Services

Your main water line is essential to the functioning of your home. It deals with everything from draining unsanitary water in your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room to supplying you with filtered water for cooking, cleaning, and bathing. If your drains seem to be getting clogged more easily or you notice pools of water forming around your yard, you may have a serious issue with your water line. Water line bursts completely stop your household’s everyday routines, thankfully, at A1A Plumbing we offer emergency plumbing services to ensure that your water lines can be repaired or replaced at any time of the day. To report issues with your water line, call our shop today to speak with a professional technician.

Gas Line Services

Many homes throughout the United States rely on gas for heat in the winter or to power various appliances. Using natural gas as source of energy is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and can significantly increase the value of your home. If your home uses natural gas, it is important to make sure your gas line is maintained to prevent harmful fumes from leaking into your home. If your gas lines have aging pipes or a large amount of pressure buildup, they may be susceptible to cracks that can cause you, your family, and your pets to become sick if exposed to the gas for a certain period of time. Call A1A Plumbing today to schedule an inspection for your gas lines. If you smell gas in your home or around your property, call our emergency plumbing service line immediately.

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Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are important to the functioning of your home. Without proper maintenance, sumps pumps become a ticking time bomb before they unexpectedly fail. A1A Plumbing offers maintenance on your home’s sump pump to help prevent failure resulting in basement or crawlspace flooding. Is your home sump pump running but making loud noises? Does it look like water is coming from your basement walls?  Anytime you have unexpected ground water in your basement or crawlspace, call A1A Plumbing’s emergency plumbing service immediately.

Often times debris enters into the sump basin from the tiles that drain water from around the foundation of your home. When debris enters the pump mechanism, they often fail. In event your sump pump fails, or if you need a new sump pump installed, we offer several grades. From ½ horsepower to over 1 horsepower, different pumps offer varied pumping capacities. In corrosive situations, stainless steel models are the best solution. When waste (rocks and debris) is a problem, we can provide a pump that can move up to ¾ inch solids. We’ll access your specific ground water situation and specify what sump pump would be best to handle the volume of water that enters your sump pit.

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Water Powered Backup

A water powered backup pump is installed secondary to the primary electric pump. In the event of a power outage or primary sump pump failure, the water powered backup system powers your sump pump to keep it from overflowing. Our water powered backup pumps typically remove 18-24 gallons per minute, which is a much greater volume than a battery backup system. As with all homes that require a sump pump, we also recommend a high-water alarm so you can call us in event of any high-water emergency.

Battery Powered Backup

Do you have a beautifully finished basement? Don’t risk it getting ruined in the event of a sump pump emergency, invest in a battery powered backup system that gives you total piece of mind. Our battery backup units operate from a 12-volt marine grade battery that operates during power outages and during heavy rains and storms. Battery powered sump pump backups operate for hours and assist in the prevention of basement flooding. For the best rates, call A1A Plumbing, your locally owned business serving the Decatur, IL area.

Outdoor Hose Bibs

You might be wondering, what exactly is an outdoor hose bib? It’s just a fancy way of saying your outdoor hose faucet, you know, the one that’s located in your garage or on the exterior of your home! If your outdoor hose faucet is leaking, this will not only cause your water bill to rise, but it can result in pricey repair damages during the winter when the water droplets will freeze and continue building up in your pipes until they crack or burst. If you suspect that your outdoor hose bib is leaking or in need of repair, call our A1A Plumbing professionals today!

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