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Quality Water Heater Repair & Installation Services in Decatur, IL

A1A Plumbing employs the top water heater specialists in the Decatur, IL area. From water heater repair and service to replacement installations, we provide you with the best hot water solutions for your home. Advancements in technology have brought great changes to water heaters over the past decade. No longer are water heaters considered “energy hogs”, but in fact, many models can save 50% of energy when compared to a majority of water heaters that are currently in homes across the U.S. With a variety of options available, A1A Plumbing can help you learn about how a new water heater can help save you money.

Electric Water Heaters

Electric water heaters have many advantages over gas heaters that make them a perfect choice for any home. One of the major benefits of electric water heaters is the longevity of the system; usually, electric water heaters last twice as long as gas heaters and require much less maintenance. Electric tanks are safer to use and install, saving you any unnecessary installation costs while giving you total piece of mind for the future. If you’re interested in installing an electric water heater in your home, give A1A Plumbing a call to get a free estimate!

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Gas Water Heaters

Gas water heaters are undoubtably cost-friendly, convenient, and energy efficient when heating your home’s water supply. Natural gas is, overall, more reliable than electric water heaters, as they aren’t affected during power outages and are overall faster at reheating a fresh tank when you run out. There are many varieties of gas water heaters to fit every home’s lifestyle. Do you have more than 4 people living in your home? A tankless gas water heater allows you to use as much hot water as you can while eliminating the need for a bulky water tank in your home. Are you tired of overpaying on your energy bill? A high efficiency water heater can reduce your energy bill by almost 50% while still giving you all the hot water you need! Call us today to see which gas water heater fits your family’s lifestyle!